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Ken Seals / Photo: Nick Krueger

04:44 pm | February 11th, 2019

2020 QB Ken Seals maintaining relationship with A&M, waiting for offer

Nick Krueger


2020 quarterback Ken Seals has been told by a number of top programs to be patient and the offers will come. Now, with the final spring football season of his high school career on the horizon, he’s done waiting.

Seals was as proactive as any top passer prospect last year when it came to making the rounds to different college camps, spring events and holding down the top quarterback spot for the TrueBuzz 7v7 team. He finished last summer with several Power Five offers, but to the other teams that have continued to play the wait-and-see game with him, time is quickly running out.

“I want to be committed before school’s out,” he said. “Sooner than later - but if we don’t feel like we have enough information, we’ll wait. It’s not something we’re trying to sit on and let a bunch of time pass by.”

The program that seems to be in the driver’s seat for the time being is Vanderbilt. Although he hasn’t confirmed an exact date, it seems as though a visit to Nashville will be his next one. Seals said that the opportunity for him on the depth chart and the quality of the class the Commodores signed in 2019 make them all the more attractive.

“It’s been real good and I’ve been talking with Coach [Gerry] Gdowski and Coach [Derek] Mason up there and they really like me,” he said. “They’ve already given me an offer, so it’s something that we can’t not look at. My family and I really like what Vanderbilt has to offer, so we’ve stayed in contact with them and really like them.”

Meanwhile, Texas A&M has continued to recruit him despite having yet to pass down an offer. Ahead of the Aggies last junior day, offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey stopped by Weatherford High School to see him.

“[Dickey] came by and I got to talk to him - he spoke with Coach [Weatherford head coach Billy] Mathis and me and it was a real good conversation - probably 45 minutes to an hour,” he said. “We talked about everything on what they’re planning on recruiting-wise, what they’re planning on going forward with me, and it was really good to see him and he said that he’ll be back for spring ball.”

The Aggies have been selective with the offers that they’ve handed out to 2020 QB's thus far. While many of them are some of the highest-ranked passers in the country, the majority of that group have also been committed elsewhere. The indication seems to be that the staff hasn't completely parsed through the players that every other program hasn’t offered already.

Seals said that he likes what he sees in A&M and has a good connection with the staff. For a team that hasn’t offered him yet, he still has a good feeling about where things stand.

“I never want to feel like I’m going somewhere where I’m the backup plan,” he said. “I want to go somewhere that I feel like I’m wanted. Even without the offer, for now, I still feel like I’m getting that with Coach Dickey. Every time I talk with him I feel like he shoots straight with me, I feel like he likes me and I believe him because he’s been honest with me to this point.”


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