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Lathan Ransom / Photo: Nick Krueger

07:32 pm | March 13th, 2019

4-Star Arizona DB Lathan Ransom ready for spring visit to A&M

Nick Krueger


The race for Arizona defensive back Lathan Ransom is a crowded one, but Texas A&M is hoping to muscle its way into the picture more as the spring rolls on.

So far this year, he’s taken visits to Notre Dame, Ohio State and - ahead of his appearance in last weekend’s Adidas West Coast 7v7 Invitational - UCLA and USC. Ransom said that he would like to make a visit to A&M sometime before the end of May and see for himself what the staff has been pumping up about the program.

“I talk to the DB’s coach every day and that’s always a great conversation,” he said. “They’re a great school with a really great family feel and great college town feeling.”

Among all the programs that have been competing for his attention, Ransom said that A&M has done one of the best jobs striking a balance between maintaining contact without becoming a nuisance.

“They do a great job of not over-bugging me,” he said. “They do a great job of keeping it just right. There are some schools that text me four times-a-day. Before I even respond, they keep texting, but A&M is doing a great job of keeping a good relationship and not doing too much or too little. I really can’t wait to get out there, I’ve heard great things about College Station.”

Of course, the two parties entire interaction has been more than just the digital variety. Ransom said that he was offered after defensive backs coach Maurice Linguist made the trip out to see him. That gesture moved his consideration of the Aggies forward in a significant way.

“They offered me after they came and saw me in person,” he said. “They told me that they have been watching my film a lot and they can’t wait to get me out there. It was great to start talking about when we can get it on the calendar for when I can make it down there.”

So far, Ransom said that his visits to Columbus and South Bend have been the ones that have stood out most, but some of that had to do with being able to make extended visits to each. When he makes it out to Texas A&M, he is bringing his checklist of things he would like to see, and that could very well could move the Aggies forward again to a prime spot in his recruitment.

“When I get on campus I really want to feel the love,” he said. “I want to see what scheme they’re running, if I fit into it or not, what the players say about the school is going to mean a lot as well as what my family thinks about it.”


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