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08:06 pm | February 7th, 2019

8 Aggies to Participate in NFL Combine

Jay Arnold


The NFL has released its list of participants for the 2019 NFL Combine and eight players from Texas A&M have made the cut. The NFL Combine will begin on Tuesday, February 26th and end on Monday, March 1st. Let’s take a look at each former member of the Texas A&M and talk about what their expectations are at the NFL Combine as well as what the scouts think of them. Hopefully, eight former Texas A&M athletes perform better in the 40 than the individual in the featured image.The full list of combine participants, as well as their draft grade, can be found at the link below:

Otaro Alaka - 5.15

Alaka had an excellent senior campaign, leading the Aggies in tackles for the 2018 season. He’s a gutsy player with a lot of potential but according to scouts is a bit of a developmental prospect at the next level. As I noted during the season, he can struggle in coverage at times but he still has a lot of athleticism and should find his way to an NFL roster as a special teams contributor at the very least. Alaka is a guy who I expect to perform well at the combine which could boost his draft prospects.

Tyrel Dodson - N/A

Dodson has no grade listed on the NFL’s combine website, but he is probably the more athletically gifted of the two linebackers from A&M. Dodson might have benefitted from one more year at A&M but he showcased all of his abilities in his junior year and is a better coverage and quick twitch guy than Alaka on film. He’ll need a solid performance at the combine to secure his place, but I expect him to be a mid-round draft pick.

Kingsley Keke - 5.61

The scouts over at seem to be pretty high on Kingsley Keke as a draft prospect. Keke had as good of a senior campaign as anyone else on the defense after dropping weight and moving from defensive tackle out to end. That kind of versatility will go over well with the folks at the next level. Keke isn’t the fastest guy so I worry about his 40-time at the combine but he should impress folks with his strength.

Daylon Mack - 5.40

Mack is still being discounted by NFL scouts for his perceived lack of length but I still think his body will actually help him at the next level. NFL offensive lines will have struggles trying to get under and move Daylon Mack. As for his strength, Mack should put up ridiculous numbers when it comes to the bench press at the combine. I’m looking forward to seeing the looks on faces when he blows people away there. He’s also quicker than you would expect from a guy his size and could shock some people in the 40.

Erik McCoy - 5.87

McCoy has the highest grade of the former Texas A&M players headed into the NFL Combine which should come as a surprise to no one. McCoy has been incredibly consistent since he took over the starting center job for A&M and should have a great chance to be drafted in the top half of the middle rounds. McCoy is an incredibly intelligent football player and should be secure in his future no matter how he performs at the combine.

Jace Sternberger - N/A

Sternberger has elected to forgo his final season at Texas A&M to enter the NFL Draft and though I think he could benefit from one more year honing his blocking ability at the collegiate level, I can hardly blame him for leaving early considering the demand for pass-catching tight ends in the NFL. His perceived deficiencies blocking may bring down his draft grade a little bit but should he perform well in the combine, he’ll be fine.

Trayveon Williams - N/A

Running back probably has one of the shortest career spans of any position in the NFL which is why I’m glad Trayveon Williams elected to leave after his junior season. Williams is an incredibly talented back who has the ability to do it all. He’s quick enough to get outside on runs and make big plays but has added enough weight over his A&M career to be able to run between the tackles. He is a great route runner and pass catcher but also showcased his ability to stay in the backfield and block. Trayveon has a bright future in the NFL and ought to test well at the combine.

Donovan Wilson - N/A

The Texas A&M secondary struggled at times during the 2018 season but unsurprisingly Donovan Wilson was still the bright spot for most of the year in that position group. Dono is an incredibly aggressive player which can get him in trouble at times, but its also part of what makes him so special. If he is given a chance in the right system, Wilson should have an excellent NFL career.

Sending eight players to the NFL Draft is something that Jimbo Fisher and his staff ought to be proud of. Each one of the guys listed above has a good chance to be drafted and go on to have a very successful NFL career. Aggie fans will be tuned into the combine to see how all eight athletes perform.


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