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Clark Phillips / Photo: Nick Krueger

05:43 pm | March 13th, 2019

Cali DB Clark Phillips III maintains he "would love to play for" A&M

Nick Krueger


Last weekend’s Adidas West Coast 7v7 Invitational hosted several teams featuring prospects from the region that Texas A&M has recruited but Clark Phillips III was among the longest-tenured in terms of how long he’s held an Aggies offer.

In early February, Phillips released a Top 12 that included A&M and after he gets a chance to make some trips to programs he’s yet to visit this spring, he said that he’ll be looking to make it back to College Station. He said that between his recruitment and offseason routine, he’s looking forward to what the next few months have in store for him.

“Things have been great in terms of recruiting, in terms of training,” he said. “Right now, I’m just trying to figure out the schools that I really like and want to get to. I’m going out to Oregon, Notre Dame and Ohio State this month.”

That is a daunting list of programs to contend with - all of which were in Phillips’ aforementioned Top 12 as well. However, the fact that he has such a broad scope of nationally-recruiting programs could bode well for A&M. The Aggies would appear to be as good a choice as any if he’s looking to leave his familiar Southern California surroundings.

A&M’s staff has certainly picked up on that and have made sure that it stays in the mix with Phillips as it looks to further bolster the secondary in 2020.

“The communication has been great with A&M,” Phillips said. “I talked to Coach Mo [Maurice Linguist] last week, I talked to Coach [Terry] Price last week, and those are all good dudes. I talked with Coach [Jimbo] Fisher as well and he’s super-cool. He’s down-to-earth like they say and I feel like he would be a great person to play for.”

One of the recurring themes discussed by A&M targets on the west coast has been the efforts Linguist and other A&M assistants have made to get in-person face time. Phillips has enjoyed a little more attention than some others, and recounted that Linguist has been to his school three times in recent memory to check in with him.

“It definitely goes to the heart when you have a coach coming from a school that far away - multiple times - it shows their interest, along with mine,” he said. “When some of these local schools are being out-recruited by Texas A&M, that’s saying something.”

Phillips said that he hasn’t thought seriously about possible summer official visits with so many unofficials that he’s still looking to make. He added that if he can squeeze them in, he would also like to add stops at Cal and Clemson to his itinerary. He didn’t seem to be considering pulling an early plug on the plans that he’s made, but reiterated that the Aggies have done an ace job staying near the top of his list so far.

“I may end up falling in love with one of these schools when I go out there, but that’s now for me to say here anytime soon,” he said. “A&M has done a great job recruiting me, and that’s a school I would love to play for.”


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