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05:44 pm | May 14th, 2019

Fisher wows crowd at Brazos County Coaches Night

Colton Chumbley


Since his arriving in College Station in December of 2017, Jimbo Fisher has captivated Aggie audiences across the state during his various speaking engagements the last two offseasons. His charisma and wit behind the podium are unrivaled.

Perhaps it’s his unparalleled passion or his swift pace, but it’s no secret that since donning the Maroon and White the 75 million dollar man has enthralled the Aggie faithful with his grit on the field and his pizazz off of it.

With the Brazos County Coaches Night underway Monday night, the polarizing head coach returned to the Hall of Champions inside of Kyle Field and wowed the 400+ crowd with a unique allure that has become synonymous with his short tenure in College Station.

Kicking the night off with a “Howdy!”, much like he did at SEC Media Days last July, Fisher addressed the crowd with a confidence that echoed through the lobby. He spoke at length on his team’s toughness, playing the strongest rated schedule in the country, and what it takes to develop a championship roster.

Fisher’s responses immediately sent a jolt into the crowd. “Five or six inches at a time can determine if your a champion,” the head coach exclaimed. “Do you want to practice until you can't get it wrong? I think, right now, what's got me excited is our attitude. Our team is finally learning to enjoy the process of becoming a champion. The way we're recruiting it's not going to be long. I don't like losing. I'm going to be here a long time”.

When it comes to playing four of the top five programs in the country this season, he was direct and to the point. “You can't achieve great things unless there are great challenges. You want to be relevant? Well, then you have to beat the people who are. What excites me the most is not playing those games, but getting ready to play those games”.

Those were not the only sound bites of the night, as the former national championship winner flashed a few witty quips in there throughout the evening as well. While reflecting on another speaking engagement at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth a few weeks prior, Fisher spoke highly of the heralded country western bar.

“When I got there, the people were very nice to me. Security was escorting me and things like that. That’s the first time that’s ever happened because most of the honky tonks I used to go to would be escorting me out the back door”.

The crowd roared with laughter, but he was not done. When asked about the news of his recent livestock purchase, Fisher spoke candidly. “Angus, (I) bought some Angus cows… I wasn’t going to buy no longhorn”. The packed hall erupted with a round of applause.

Though his rhetoric varied, his message was clear. Fisher is here to stay and most importantly, he is here to win.

The Aggies will kick off their season August 29th inside of Kyle Field against the Texas State Bobcats and anticipation could not be higher. With an experienced quarterback in Kellen Mond leading the offense, a slew of playmakers returning on defense, and an elite recruiting class joining the fold, 2019 could be the beginning of a special era inside the Bright Complex.


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