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04:05 pm | March 14th, 2019

Power Rankings: GoT Seven Kingdoms of Westeros

Jay Arnold


Sticking with the theme of Game of Thrones power rankings ahead of the 8th and final season, this week we will be talking about the seven kingdoms of Westeros. Or in this case, we’ll say eight kingdoms and include the Riverlands even though the “Seven Kingdoms” combines the Iron Islands and Riverlands into one kingdom. We won’t be including the Crownlands, however. To rank these regions of Westeros, we will be using a combination of the major houses in each region, the power of the region itself, and of course, my own wonderful personal bias. Let’s get right to it.

8. The Iron Islands

The Iron Islands are easily the worst of the regions of Westeros. They can’t grow anything out there on those terrible rocks which is why the Iron Islanders always end up being pirates. The kicker is, I have no idea how they even build ships because in every shot we’ve seen of the Iron Islands, there aren’t any trees. I’d imagine living on the Iron Islands is akin to living in Cleveland, everything is grey and dead and there isn’t really much hope for future success. Well, there wasn’t hope for Cleveland until OBJ ended up there but that’s beside the point, the Iron Islands suck.

7. The Stormlands

The home of House Baratheon before Robert’s Rebellion, the Stormlands don’t really see much action in Game of Thrones. The only glimpse we get at the Stormlands is in Season 2 when Renly and Stannis are having their brotherly dispute. When it comes to the show, this region gets the least airtime. Also, basically every major Stormlands house is gone.

6. Dorne

Honestly, Dorne is a pretty badass region but thanks to the absolute atrocity that is the Dorne storyline, the home of House Martell gets moved quite a bit down the list. Other than the previously mentioned storyline, the only real glimpse of Dorne we get is the Tower of Joy flashbacks where Ned Stark battles Ser Arthur Dayne, the Sword of the Morning, who is probably the most gifted swordsman in the entire Game of Thrones universe. House Dayne doesn’t really get any other credit in the show but they are pretty legendary in the books.

5. The Westerlands

Like the Stormlands, the home of House Lannister doesn’t get a lot of attention in the show. There are lots of mentions of Lannister men, but besides the Wardens of the West, not many houses in the Westerlands get shown love. However, Casterly Rock is one of the most formidable fortresses in the show and House Lannister is probably the strongest house at the outset of the show. If it weren’t for the little issue of their goldmines going dry, I’d probably have the Westerlands higher.

4. The Vale

Yes, Robin and Lysa Arryn are two of the absolute worst characters in the show. But the Knights of the Vale are badasses who saved the day at the Battle of Bastards. Add to that the fact that the Hill tribes provided some of the funniest moments early in the show and it’s more than made up for. Also, the Eyrie, the seat of House Arryn is a castle way up in the mountains with a damn hole in the floor where they can chunk enemies out. The Moondoor alone scores massive points in my book.

3. The Riverlands

The Riverlands aren’t exactly the greatest spot in Westeros but they are strategically significant and serve as the setting for a lot of major events in Game of Thrones. Whether it’s House Tully and Riverrun, House Frey at the Twins, or the ruins of Harrenhal, the Riverlands are a vital part of Game of Thrones lore. I mean just think about all the great moments we got here. Arya and the Hound, the Red Wedding, the massacre of House Frey. SO MUCH FUN. Just wouldn’t want to live here.

2. The Reach

Even though Cersei basically decided to singlehandedly end House Tyrell, the Reach was the most wealthy region in the Seven Kingdoms for a time being. The richest farmland in Westeros meant that the Reach basically controlled the food supply of the country. Also of the places in the show, the Reach would probably be the best place to live. Oldtown, where the maesters are trained, is located in the Reach meaning if one were to get sick, there’s probably no better place to be. Add in the fact that the Queen of Thorns was one of the biggest badasses on the show and you’ve got a powerhouse of a region. Just not enough of a powerhouse.

1. The North

Look, I realize the North is probably cold and miserable, but as much time as we’ve spent there, how can you not love it. The Starks, Boltons, Mormonts, Glovers, Manderlys, Karstarks, and Umbers are all from the North. When you have more houses mentioned in the show than any other region, you’re going to get bonus points. The Starks being the fan-favorite family in the show also adds to the ranking of the North. Finally, you have the Night’s Watch and the Wall which make up one of the most vital parts of the show. The North takes these rankings in a landslide.

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