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Malik Hornsby / Photo: Nick Krueger

06:13 pm | May 15th, 2019

Texas A&M still in the picture for 2020 QB Malik Hornsby

Nick Krueger


*Editor's note: Hornsby spoke with The Other 98 on Tuesday and announced his commitment to UNC on Wednesday after this story was posted.

Texas A&M’s quarterback options in 2020 have been pretty thin coming out of the spring, but Malik Hornsby is still on the Aggies' recruiting board after being one of the first names added to it.

Aggies fans will remember his commitment following Texas A&M’s game against Clemson last season, and his subsequent, gradual de-commitment. With nearly all of A&M’s other quarterbacks options committed elsewhere - save for recently-offered Longview passer Haynes King - Hornsby could find himself the focus of the staff’s recruiting efforts at the position yet again.

“I feel like they want me very bad, more than other colleges, but I also think that they have to recruit more than what they’re doing right now,” Hornsby said of A&M. “Everyone else is stepping up to the plate, but I can only go to one school.”

Hornsby said that he plans on taking as many of his official visits this summer as he can. He made his first to North Carolina last month, and said that a visit to Oregon is a certainty. He added that it’s likely Florida State will also host him on one as well.

Texas A&M and hometown team Houston have continued to recruit him heavily, but he said that for now, he doesn’t feel compelled to make an official to either considering his familiarity with both.

“I’m going to Eugene,” he said. “It’s a good relationship that I have with Coach [Marcus] Arroyo, I believe that if I go there, it would be the same as what others are talking to me about. We have good relationships with all the coaches, I’m good with all of them.”

Hornsby hasn’t shied away from conversing with other players that have been offered by the Tar Heels following his official. He said that many of them have recognized the direction things have been moving between he and the program, which has created plenty of conversation behind the scenes. When it came to his visit, he said that he was surprised by how quickly Mack Brown fever had taken over the community.

“Everyone up there is talking about Mack Brown,” he said. “That’s the thing that surprised me the most. I know who he is, but the whole community up there is Mack Brown, Mack Brown this, Mack Brown that… so I feel like I would be a good player for him to take under his wing for him to develop me to who I want to be.”

Should the Aggies choose to make Hornsby the focus of their recruiting efforts at quarterback again, they’ll have the benefit of a positive and established relationship. Still, it’s going to take more than that for him to re-commit to A&M amongst the efforts some other big programs have shown.

“Coach [Darrell] Dickey, that’s my man,” he said. “We’re close. We have that good relationship and that’s who contacts me the most. He was just here recently, but he just needs to keep it up.”


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