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04:48 pm | March 12th, 2019

The Mailbag: Volume 15

Jay Arnold


Last week’s edition of the Mailbag is right here:

Volume 14

What is your favorite BBQ sauce and when is it appropriate to use it?

Assuming we're going off of store-bought brands here and not on restaurant sauces, I’d have to say my favorite sauce is probably Stubb’s. You make some pulled pork sliders on Hawaiian rolls with some Stubb’s on top and you’ve got yourself a hell of an appetizer to serve at parties. As for the rules on when to apply sauce, I still maintain that brisket shouldn’t require sauce, ribs can be eaten with or without sauce, and some kind of sauce is necessary for pulled pork. With that being said, at the end of the day if you want to slather your brisket with the overly sweet sauce that is KC Masterpiece that’s your prerogative. You may be judged for it, but enjoy things however you want. (This response was in no way an ad for Stubb’s but if they did decide to sponsor us I wouldn’t be mad at it)

I need explanations and hot takes on the Antonio Brown situation.

This isn’t technically a question and more of a statement but I’ll do my best to give my opinion on the matter. As a rule of thumb, I generally side with the players over the billionaire owners who for the most part don’t care at all about the players, fans, or anyone else that isn’t their bank account. With that being said, I think Antonio Brown could’ve probably gone about getting out of Pittsburgh in a better way that didn’t alienate his teammates. As for the actual football side of things, it’s a move that makes sense for the Raiders. Brown is the best weapon Carr has ever had and he immediately makes the team better. There has also been talk about Le’Veon Bell wanting to play with Brown which would put the Raiders in a good spot. I think the kicker here is that Oakland also has three first round picks in 2019 which if used correctly could set them up nicely for the season. Of course, Jon Gruden could easily screw this up so we’ll see what happens there. On the other side, the Steelers gain a couple of mid-round draft picks and still have an offense with a lot of weapons. I really don’t see it impacting Pittsburgh much, if at all.

A&M coaches have failed in recruiting legacies in the past few years, does Jimbo end up with two this cycle with Adams and Mickens? Legacies should be locks.

I can’t pretend to be super plugged into the recruiting side of things other than watching film and giving my thoughts on how recruits look on tape, but our Nick Krueger is a recruiting wizard. However, I don’t necessarily agree with the logic that legacies should be locks in this day and age. Athletes in this day and age have a lot of factors to look at when choosing a school. For example, if they are a better fit for a different system or would rather major in something not offered at their parents’ alma mater then they may choose to go elsewhere. The athlete has to make the best decision for themselves and at the end of the day, that may not be A&M. Also, you’re forgetting a third Aggie legacy in Terry Price’s son, Devin Price.

Who are some up-and-coming guys in the UFC that fans need to keep an eye on?

Well, I can’t really call Israel Adesanya or Johnny Walker up-and-comers anymore since they’ve both vaulted into the rankings in their respective divisions in a very short time so I’ll have to find some other names. Juan Adams at heavyweight is a guy I’m keeping an eye on. He’s a big and athletic heavyweight with some serious power. He’s still a little bit raw and needs time to develop but as thin as the 265-pound division is, he could make some waves early on. Kron Gracie was always going to get a lot of hype because of his name, but he lived up to it in his first fight and is an absolute terror on the mat. He’ll likely create a lot of problems for fighters in the 145-pound division. At 135 pounds, Cory Sandhagen is a guy I have a lot of fun watching. Sometimes, he fights like an idiot, but he’s tough as nails and always looks for the finish. There are probably some other guys I’m forgetting about, but those were the first three names that came to mind.

What skills best translate from the football field to the rugby pitch? Outside of speed, of course.

image via Ralph Parrott | Sui Generis - Big shout out to my guy Kimo for the edit on this one. I like to think I have united the lion and hyenas into a single hunting pack.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started playing rugby as I needed some way to be active that wasn’t just running for no reason. Speed and general athleticism are the easy answers here but they aren’t an option as answers so I’ll have to look elsewhere. Rugby and football are similar but the little nuances are completely different. As far as football translating to the rugby pitch, the big things are just the general mindset and tenacity from being in the trenches. As I said on Twitter, I actually think wrestling and jiu-jitsu have benefitted me more than football. The tackling is more akin to shooting a double leg in wrestling than it is a football tackle because you don’t get your head across the body. However, the skills you learn from football regarding breaking down to tackle in space are a huge help. Wrestling also helps a ton in the scrum and in the ruck with using leverage. By the way, if you’ve never watched rugby, I highly recommend it. It is an incredible sport to play and watch and I hope it gets more traction here in the states.

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